Black Bug
Bait Black Bug
Req Level 0
Cost 0 Coins
Black Bugs are the most basic form of Bait. Players start the game with 10 Black Bugs, which do not have any level requirements to use.

Unfortunately, Black Bugs can only be used to catch Common Fish or Uncommon Fish; they will never catch a Rare Fish or Legendary Fish.

The benefit of Black Bugs, however, is that they are free; they do not cost Coins or Pearls. One Black Bug is generated every 5 minutes, but a player can only have 10 of them at any one time. If a player does not have 10 Black Bugs already and they are selected as the current bait, a countdown timer will show in the corner of the bait icon showing when the next Black Bug will be received. During a previous version of the game, 25 Black Bugs could be accumulated instead of just 10.

A common strategy is to use Black Bugs to build up Luck, then switch to better bait to use with the luck bonus. This way, the luck bonus is not wasted on inferior bait.

Game DescriptionEdit

"These little black bugs can be found everywhere. Unfortunately, these bugs can't be used to catch Rare or Legendary creatures."


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